However, it wasn't so funny to the Patriots when they had the same thing done to them by the Tennessee Titans during their AFC Wild Card playoff matchup at Gillette Stadium. About Matt Clapp. By the time the Patriots offense ran a play, the Titans had taken 1:48 off the clock. With a full three timeouts in his pocket after the two-minute warning, Fangio watched as the Titans ticked 17 seconds off the clock after a completion … The team that accepts or declines a penalty is also given the option to stop the clock or not. Patriots special teamer Justin Bethel committed a neutral-zone infraction after 15 more seconds came off the clock with 5:14 left in the game. The Titans wasted valuable time in the fourth quarter (they took the clock from 6:35 to 4:50) of their 20-13 victory. Unsurprisingly, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was frustrated by the Titans… [CBS] New England Patriots Tennessee Titans Tony Romo. While some teams might opt to go for it … Patriots-Dolphins might see fans return to Gillette Stadium for first time in 617 days New England will open its 2021 at home, and it looks like fans will be in the stands. After 23 more seconds drained, the Titans … The Titans held a 14-13 lead and were facing fourth-and-4 from the Patriots 36-yard line with 6:39 left to play. By the time the Titans punted the ball, the clock had gone down from 6:35 to 4:50. The Titans committed back-to-back penalties to waste almost two minutes of clock in the fourth quarter. There’s a loophole in the NFL rulebook that allows teams to take penalties and run down the clock outside of five minutes left in the game. That significant chunk of time proved crucial when the Patriots only had 15 … Mike Vrabel, the Titans coach who played linebacker for the Patriots under Belichick, used one of Belichick's tactics against him in the Patriots' 20-13 AFC wild-card loss. Just terrible clock management and playcalling by the Titans, and a very good job by Romo to call it out. Comments on: Titans used a Bill Belichick clock management tactic against him Easy fix. Vrabel wanted to give the Patriots as little time as possible, so on that fourth-and-5, the Titans were called for a delay of game penalty as the clock ran down from 5:52 to 5:29.

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