Alyssa and Emma go to prom together and Mrs. Greene reappears after the final number solely to take a bow. Determined to transform lives and put themselves back in the limelight, the Broadway celebrities muscle in to change the town and give Emma the prom … Emma is a teenager from Indiana whose prom was cancelled by the Parent-Teacher Association because she wanted to bring her girlfriend. For a wholesome and fun flick, the final prom scene definitely sums it up. Small spoiler: our favorite comes in the form of Washington's Gucci dress, which she wears as Mrs. Greene at her daughter Alyssa's inclusive prom. Emma faces severe bullying and harassment at James Madison Highschool for being lesbian and for the cancellation of the prom. If there's one thing this movie excelled at, it is in its costuming - and it's perfect for a … But Alyssa (DeBose) and Emma … The musical follows three self-absorbed Broadway actors (Streep, Kidman, and Corden) who travel to Indiana to help Emma Nolan (Pellman), a high-school student banned from attending prom … The girl Emma wants to take to prom is Alyssa, a popular but closeted student and the daughter of Mrs. Greene, the head of the PTA. In Murphy’s version, Mrs. Greene turns … EMMA (sung) Note to self Don't be gay in Indiana Big heads up, That's a really stupid plan There are places where it's in to be out Maybe San Francisco or there about But in Indiana, without a doubt, THE PROM the Musical - Just Breathe Lyrics "Just Breathe" is a song from The Prom the Broadway musical performed by Caitlin Kinnunen as Emma. The actors all donate, including Dee Dee, who turns over her American Express Black card. Emma is a small-town girl who only hopes to go to prom with her girlfriend Alyssa. Emma was born on August 22, 2034. History. Local girl, Emma Nolan, wants to take her girlfriend to prom but the homophobic PTA are on a mission to keep the high school dance on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, the head of the PTA cancels the prom instead, leaving Emma … The actors want Emma to finally have a prom but the school doesn't have the money for it. Under the parental care of Isabella and the happy times she spent with her fellow foster siblings, Emma had a happy childhood. The Prom’s Ariana DeBose felt ‘ashamed’ when she danced with a girl at her own prom Nick Duffy December 19, 2020 Jo Ellen Pellman as Emma and Ariana Debose as Alyssa in The Prom … Emma's prom dress for her own 'fake' prom was stunning, but this final outfit is definitely more fitting for her character. The PTA is furious over the possibility of a new prom but the students voice their support for an inclusive prom, thanks to Trent's efforts to change their minds. She was sent to Grace Field House a year later in 2035. As prom ended, the last few people leaving the gym, happy smiles on their faces, Emma and Alyssa stayed close together, still swaying under the kaleidoscopic lights, even as the music finally faded out. Due to their close age and probably the fact that they are the top students academically, she was exceptionally close to Norman and Ray out of all the orphans in Grace Field,

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